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IFTech has years of  experience in groundwater technology, heat pump technology and thermal installations. Together with our partners we have an elaborate knowledge in the different fields of geothermal energy storage. Our long-lasting performance guarantee also makes us unique in the industry.

IFTech was established in 2000 and has since then designed geothermal systems. From 2010 on, IFTech has been creating these installations in-house. With up to forty installations and counting throughout Belgium and the UK, IFTech possesses a vast amount of knowledge and experience. We believe geothermal energy is the most durable way to cool and warm buildings. Thanks to all our activities we contribute to a sustainable world for and with our clients and we are proud of that!

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Our vision


Geothermal energy storage makes eco-friendly heating and cooling accessible and affordable for everyone. By making optimal use of the thermal properties of the earth, we are convinced that we can achieve the highest possible energy efficiency.

Our goal


As IFTech we want to provide geothermal energy to our clients in a sustainable way and with the highest possible returns. We achieve this by offering geothermal systems that, in time, deliver the highest possible output at the lowest possible cost (TCO).

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