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Green heating and cooling thanks to geothermal energy systems

IFTech is your experienced partner in building geothermal energy systems. We offer you a complete solution. From feasibility study to engineering, installing, monitoring and even optimizing: IFTech helps you from beginning to end with the realization of your geothermal system. And we even go a step further by offering “energy as a service” with which we can guarantee a high financial return in the long run.

The IFTech experts do not only design the technical aspect of the system, the control software is also operated by our engineers. We are, therefore, fully informed on every process above and below ground. To guarantee the client an optimal service, we keep all the relevant data of your geothermal system. This data will, for instance, be used to optimize the efficiency. So even after having installed your geothermal energy system, our engineers will monitor the system with the highest precision.

In other words: IFTech takes care of all the possible activities needed to realize your geothermal system. Choosing IFTech is choosing a partner who offers you a complete solution with a guaranteed efficiency and financial return!

Our services


First of all, IFTech researches the feasibility of your project. We start with a free quick scan which checks all possible applications of geothermal energy systems for your building. When the scan is positive, we can proceed with a Design & Build proposition.


Building your geothermal energy system happens in different stages. First , an elaborate technical design containing every component from the wells to the entire indoor installation is made. The wells are a crucial element of every geothermal project. Therefore, our knowledgeable project managers will monitor the drilling with the utmost precision. After the drilling, the project managers also test and develop these wells further.

 Given the complexity of these geothermal energy systems, we are convinced that standardization is necessary to be able to offer affordable quality to our customers. That is why we build every system in-house. When delivered on site, the system can be installed “plug-and-play”.

Control software

To control the geothermal energy systems, IFTech has developed a standard modular software which is used time and again for every system. This way, we can also provide the highest quality in this area. Only the parameters are project-specific. Naturally, our operating systems are accessible via the cloud, which makes it possible for us to  monitor and optimize the installation at all times.


To ensure a flawless operation and the highest efficiency, IFTech closely monitors the functioning of your geothermal system. This allows us to permanently inform our customers of the energy supplied and the return achieved. Where the installations are subject to authorisation, IFTech is also responsible for transmitting the required data to the authorities.


The maintenance of your geothermal installation will also be done by IFTech with the highest care. Our maintenance service knows every aspect of your system. Through rigorous monitoring and preventative maintenance we can avoid unforeseen costs and guarantee continued comfort. 

Energy as a Service

Because IFTech manages every aspect of supplying geothermal heating and cooling, we can offer our clients “energy as a service”. This translates the guaranteed efficiency into a yearly energy cost. This cost can contain the electricity cost, the exploitation cost, maintenance costs and possible investment costs.

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